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In Emilia Romagna a generous, hardworking and rich in history land, a Way delighted by a lunch based on mushrooms, chestnuts and typical cheeses .


Foto of Barbara Boscagin by Flickr

Compiano, a small medieval village entirely surrounded by strong walls and dominated by a castle completely restored , is listed among ” The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” . The first historical news are of the eleventh century as a fortified village with jurisdiction over the valley of the Taro , but the walls of the castle analysis shows us the presence of vestiges of the Carolingian era . The Castle, overlooking the valley from its 516 meters above sea level, was erected in 1000 and originally belonged to the powerful Malaspina’s family. In the years it belonged to several families until it became a prison and then a women’s college . It was later inhabited for more than twenty years , by the Marchioness Lina Gambarotta Raimondi , who enriched the house with sculptures and paintings from France, England and even from faraway China. At her death , everything ‘was donated to the Town Council to allow visitors to be able to enjoy its beauty .

Foto offerta da Castello di Compiano
Via Rossi Sidoli 15
43053 Compiano (PR)



Way date: 10th November 2013



This Way is reserved to members who have effected the payment of the annual membership fee (€ 20,00 valid date 31/12/2014)

On Sunday, November 10th meeting of the participants in Corvetto Square ( side Esso patrol station ) at 8:30 am and departure for Compiano

Stop for breakfast along the way.

Arrival at Compiano where we will meet the guide.

Visit of the village , one of the best preserved in Italy. Then we’ll reach the church of San Giovanni Battista, with its valuable organ ” Mantle of Our Lady”

Stop for lunch at a farm where we’ll taste the products of the Val di Taro : lunch based on mushrooms , cheese, chestnuts.

In the afternoon we will visit the Orsanti  Museum, which is located on the premises of the deconsecrated church of San Rocco. It’s a particular museum , dedicated to street

performers who entertained, on summer evenings, passersby with puppet theatre , trained animals or even a simple cap with bells .

From street entertainment we pass to the starry sky by visiting the Planetarium of  Bedonia .

At the end return to Milan .

The rate for this Way is € 75,00 for a minimum of 25 participants

If the quorum is not formed the rate will be given back.

The rate includes:

• Travel from / to Milan by private bus

• Guided tours

• Lunch at the farm

Itinerary agreed and planned by

Viaggi Exploit s.a.s.

di Teresa Colzani & c.

Via De Amicis, 25 ang. Conca del Naviglio, 1 – 20123 Milano – tel. – Fax

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