Egyptian Museum of Turin

museo egizio Torino

Egyptian Museum of Turin is, like the one in Cairo, dedicated exclusively to art and culture of ancient Egypt. Many scholars of international repute, starting from the decipher of Egyptian hieroglyphs  Jean-François Champollion, who arrived in Turin in 1824, since then dedicated themselves to the study of its collections, thus confirming what Champollion wrote: “The road to Menfi and Tebe passes through Turin. “
The Egyptian Museum in Turin, after the excellent restructuring, waits for us on April 18th 2015 for a guided tour!


Way reserved to members associated for 2015
Departure at 14.30 from Milan by one’s own means of transport
(Only if we reach the number of 25 participants we can hire a bus)
Arrival at the Museum after about 2 hours.
Visit duration: 2 hours.
Happy hour in a pub near the Museum.
Free time for sightseeing.
Appointment at 20.30 in front of the theatre Espace – Via Mantova 38 Torino
The play “The Misanthrope and the Chimney-sweeper” by Eugene Labiche begins at 21.00
The play is produced by the theatre company Punto Teatro Studio


Museum admission: regular ticket €. 13.40 (reduced tickets: age from 6 to 14 years: €. 1,00 ; age from 15 to 18 years: €. 9.00)
Guide cost from €. 4.40 (for 25 members)
Theatre-ticket  €. 10,00

Costs for 25 people:
Total price for adults €. 27,80
Total price for young. 23,80
Total price for children €. 15,80

If you want to participate contact Percorsi Sapori at the addresses above indicated and confirm on or before 10th April 2015