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piazza Duomo – via Torino – via Lupetta – piazza Sant’Alessandro –  corso di Porta Romana –  piazza Fontana  -piazza Duomo

Foto of Mauro Brock by Flickr

Milan, the bustling metropolis, but also the romantic city that with tact and disenchantment offers its peculiarities to the traveler; the city that tries to hide everything, courtyards, legends, curiosities, stories; and it’s up to us to discover it and to give its extraordinary beauty as a gift. The first Way that we propose is the “ring” that goes around the cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, best known as Duomo. We’ll get there by Milan underground lines and, going up the stairs that leads to the square, we will have the first great emotion as we stand in front of one of the most extraordinary examples of Gothic-Romanesque style in the world. We will sail in our journey through the legends of reformed inveterate gamblers; statues of bleeding Madonnas; trains, long few tens of centimeters, that running on tiny tracks lit 600 flames creating a crown of light, we’ll tell about mad astronomers that, at the end of 800, still believed that the Earth was flat; we’ll know where the Nun of Monza was born and why rogation processions were called “processione delle lasagne”. So we’ll look at this extraordinary and “cold” city par excellence changing its clothes and having fun with metaphors, sorcery and spirituality. The trip starts and no one knows where it will lead; only one thing is certain, that at the end we will love Milan a bit more, the city that, as it has been described by a famous writer, “is ugly, very ugly, almost romantic!”




Anyone interested in this Way is invited to write to the association and set a date as one likes and find at least15 participants.

The association will provide an attendant who will explain  the Way.

To join it you have only to pay the membership fee of €. 20.00 (valid dates 31.12.2014).

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