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Morbegno, cellars, cluniacense’s priorate, cerido’s press

A land where trails and flavors are daily habit. One Saturday with autumn colors and scents that inflame the valley with the aging of wines and cheeses is in the air.


Valtellina and its flavors invite you to a journey that will delight the palate with the Rhaetian Alps backround and the “Orobiche” Pre Alp, with particular interest in the town of Morbegno, the old town and its Dominican convent.

Cantina Ciapponi

Foto of Sergio Cosi by Flickr

The old cellar Ciapponi will open its doors for a special tasting of wine, in the charm of its old store rich in products typical of the Valtellina. Our tour includes a visit to the Cluniac Priory or alternatively, if the weather was not favorable to the Museum Salvadego, rural dwelling with a representation of the Wild Man, a true symbol of the alpine culture. We will also have the opportunity to taste the famous cheese Bitto that the third Saturday in October is king thanks to the exhibition dedicated to him in the valley. We will go to the museum of wine-making with the wine press lever of the seventeenth century, one of the oldest and most ingenious of Italy, which is located in Cerido, rural district of the town of Morbegno located on the coast of Cèch, along the road that leads to Dazio.


Foto of Sergio Pedretti

Foto of Sergio Pedretti

For the rest dedicated to the flavors we will go on a farm among the best known in the area, with a menu dedicated to us based on the traditional and typical dishes of Valtellina, weakened with tasty local wine.


Program: path reserved for members of “trails and Flavours” who signed the annual membership fee (€20 valid dates 31/12/2014) 


Data 19 October 2013


Meeting at 8:00 am in Milan in Via Paleocapa (ang. Cadorna) departure for Morbegno.


Visit the Cluniac Priory of Piagno with guide


Lunch at the farm to Ardenno


In the afternoon visit of the Press of Cerido


 Visit the town of Morbegno, tasting and tour of the cellars Ciapponi Show Bitto.


Return to Milan scheduled at 20.00


Participation fee with 25 participants. 60,00 € .


In case of lack of a quorum, a quotation will be made on the actual number of participants


The price includes:


-       Travel A / R Milan with private coach

-       tasting cellars Ciapponi

-       Guided tour of the wine press in Cerido, the Priory and Morbegno

      -  Lunch at a fixed menu of farm-based Ardeley sciatt, first course, main course, dessert, coffee and drinks.


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