How does our association start? In the simplest and most natural way, in a group of friends who have decided to begin this adventure feeling the strong need to see what is around them, not only merely watching it, but also looking for new points of view, different to the usual ones. So they have created Way Tastes following the dream and comparing it to reality, finding out legends and bringing them down in History, finding out peculiarities in the usual tradition.

Way is not only a way to go along from a departure to an arrival, and Taste is not only the pleasure to taste, but together they become a new means to travel in our beautiful country, Italy. What’s our aim? To create an ever-increasing group of people with whom sharing, comparing and creating new experiences, catching the peculiarities of our Country traditions, respecting the environment and always looking for new destinations.

The purpose will be the spreading of Italian culture, natural beauties, art, food-and-wine in all forms and expressions. We’ll appreciate the contrast between past and present, reality and fantasy, tradition and modernity. To be part of our group is easy. You’ve got only to join the association and to begin this adventure with us. Your suggestions and your proposals will be too an irreplaceable patrimony to the association growth. The purpose is also to share among all of us our travel experiences and memories we have fixed in clicks or in videos we keep among the most beautiful ones. We are waiting for you!