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By boat from Como, along the shores of the lake you can admire the villas that tell the story of one of the most beautiful corners of our region. We will visit Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo and Villa Melzi D’Eril in Bellagio. The tour will include a stop near Bellagio for lunch at a restaurant where we can enjoy the products of traditional cuisine.


Villa Carlotta

Tremezzo overlooks on the water with low houses with arcades in one of the most striking of the lake, behind narrow stairs lead up to the houses clinging to the mountainside. At the end of the town, on the lake, there is the magnificent Villa Carlotta, name due to Carlotta, who received it as a wedding gift from her mother, Princess Marianne of Prussia. The villa was built in Baroque style in the early ’700, is at the top of a beautiful terraced garden filled with over 500 species of flowering plants favored by the mild climate. In the garden pergolas are citrus, hedges of camellias, 150 varieties of azaleas, rhododendrons, tropical plants, the valley of Southern ferns, palms, cedars, the garden of bamboo and coniferous trees. Inside, the villa welcomes artworks of immense value. The greenhouse used in winter for citrus fruits has been converted into an interesting museum of old farming tools.

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Villa Olmo – Como

Villa built in 1787 on an old Franciscan monastery, passed, on the death of Cardinal Durini, to the Porro family Lambertenghi. Sojourned here, with duties as tutor to the sons of the owner, Silvio Pellico, before his imprisonment for political reasons. It was then purchased by the Visconti family that hosted great writers like Berchet, Giusti and Manzoni.

Villa Erba – Cernobbio

Villa from the nineteenth century, initially commissioned by the family Peluso, who already owned the neighboring Villa d’Este, later went on to Luigi Erba, brother and heir of Charles Grass, one of the largest pharmaceutical industrial of that era. The villa was inherited by his daughter Carla, who married the Duke in Cernobbio Giuseppe Visconti. It was the home for the summer months of well-known film director Luchino Visconti, son of Carla. At Villa Erba, no longer owned by him, Luchino Visconti returned in recent years and there he completed the editing of the film “Ludwig”.

Villa D’Este – Cernobbio

Gerardo Landriani Captains, Bishop of Como built here a convent in 1442, by the river Garovo. A century later, the Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio demolished it and commissioned the architect Pellegrino Tibaldi the construction of a residence for personal use. La Villa del Garovo, together with lush gardens, was built in the years 1565 to 1570, and while the Cardinal was alive, became the place of holidays of politicians, intellectuals and clerics.

Villa Pliniana – Torno

“il rumor della spumante acqua ne invita, e il nobile edifizio, e più il miracol del fonte venerabile per la memoria, che ne fecero i nostri due Plinj”.

The villa, cited by Shelley and Stendhal, has this name because it seems it was, in ancient times, the home of Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger and because this place should have been the source described by them. Nestled in the mountains on the shores of the lake, offers travelers a romantic and austere feeling at the same time. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it was a place attended by politicians and artists: Joseph II, Napoleon, Stendhal, Alessandro Volta, Bellini, Rossini, Byron, Foscolo and Fogazzaro, that in this place had the inspiration for his novel Malombra, that later became the film by Mario Soldati 1942, shot in the villa.

Villa Melzi D’Eril – Bellagio

Built in the first decade of the 800 by Francesco Melzi D’Eril, Duke of Lodi and Vice President of the Italian Republic with Napoleon. It was his summer residence from the end of his political career until his death. The architecture is neoclassical ands include paintings, sculptures and decorations attributable to painters like Appiani, Bossi, set designers and sculptors such as Sanquirico Canova, Comolli and Marchesi.

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Date: 27 ottobre 2013

Program: path reserved for members of “ways and tastes” who signed the annual membership fee (€20 valid dates 31/12/2014) 

Data: Sunday, October 29, 2013

Meeting at 8.45 in Piazza Cavour in Como, piers along the lake and start sailing.

Guided tours at Villa Carlotta and Villa Melzi D’Eril

Participation fees at least 40 participants € 95.00

In case of lack of a quorum, a quotation will be made on the actual number of participants.


The price includes:

• Navigation Como / Tremezzo / Bellagio / Como

• Guided tours at Villa Carlotta and Villa Melzi D’Eril

• Lunch at restaurant near Bellagio

Program implemented with the cooperation of the agency

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